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Tips and FAQ from the pros at [STS]

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Need some help? You've come to the right place.
For any other help not posted here, please refer to our forums.

The Folowing are answers to the training tests.

Airway Management

1  a
2  a
3  a
4  c
5  c
6  b
7  a
8  b
9  d
10  b
11  a
12  e
13  a
14  c
15  c
16  a
17  a
18  d

Control Bleeding

1  b
2  b
3  a
4  b
5  c
6  d
7  a
8  c

Treat Shock

1  b
2  d
3  b
4  c
5  b
6  b
7  b

Notice: Do not look at these if you do not want to ruin the learning experience!


1  b
2  b
3  c

4  a
5  a
6  a

7  a
8  c
9  d

10  a
11  d
12  b

13  b
14  c
15  b

Frequently Asked Questions
How many targets on marksmanship training do i need to get to Advanced marksmanship (Sniper)?
You need 36 targets, therefore you can only miss 4 times out of 40.
What is PLF?
PLF stands for Parachute Landing Fall.
What is ROE?
ROE Stands for rules of Engagement, Also slang for the negative points aquired by hitting another soldier of your own team (friendly fire)
What are the gun abreviations stand for?
RPK - Enemy AR, similar to the AR(200) but with less bulets (100), fires more bullets in a period of time.
GP - Enemy G, similar to the G, but with a ak47 mod.
AK47 - Enemy R, similar to the R but with less accuracy and more bullet power.
AK47SU - Similar to the AK47, but with a shorter barrel and a folding arm. Often used as the Enemy M4 SOPMOD
R - Friendly rifleman, sometimes m16, sometimes m4.
AR - Friendly machine gunner, stands for automatic rifleman, an m249 which has a bipod and a capacity of 200 bullets per clip, often called the SAW.
SOPMOD - Special Operations Peculiar Modifications. The m4 used by all Special Forces units. You can ghange your SOPMOD in the [Personel Jacket] on America's Army.
VSS - Vintorez, Rusian made sniper rifle, used by Enemy
MILES - Multiple Intergrated Laser Engagement System, used to simulate combat warfare
M9 - A pistol worn only by snipers as a last resort in close quarters combat. Has a 15 clip capacity and is semi-automatic
M24 - Friendly sniper, bolt action (which means that it has to take out the bullets before firering another)
M82 - Friendly sniper, Barrett semi-automatic, magazine fed, very powerful. Often used to take out a charge or enemy.

All information copyrighted by [STS Special Tactical Squad] 2005